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Checklist for Inspections
  1.  The permit holder or person doing the work is responsible for calling for inspections.
  2.  Inspection requests are made by calling Grantsville City at 435-884-1691 or emailing   Twenty-four (24) hours advance notice is appreciated
  1.  When scheduling inspections, supply the following information:
  • Type of inspection requested
  • The building permit number
  • The job address, lot number, and the subdivision
  • The name and phone number of the person calling
  1.  A re-inspection fee may be applied if the project is not ready for inspection at the scheduled time.
  2.  If work is done without proper inspections, the work may be required to be removed or reworked in a way that will satisfy the inspector’s requirements. In each case, the contractor/builder will be held responsible for removal or re-work.
  3.  When determined, Stop Work will be issued and enforced by Grantsville City enforcement officer.
  4.  If construction, remodeling, or repairs that require a building permit are begun prior to the permit being issued, building permit fees will be doubled.
  5.  Click here for types of inspections.