Home Based or Commercial Businesses
All businesses will be either home based or commercial. Prior to submitting an application through Grantsville City, all businesses must register with the state of Utah. This can be done by visiting One Stop Business Registration.

A home based business is located in a home or residential zone.  A conditional use permit (CUP) may be required before a business license will be issued (even if no one will be coming to your home and/or all business is conducted elsewhere). 

Are you starting a business?  Are you an existing business in need of additional resources?  The Tooele County Business Resource Center could help. They offer free consulting, mentoring and coaching.

If your business will be collecting sales tax (selling or reselling products to consumers) you will need to get a sales tax number from the Department of Commerce or Utah State Tax Commission. If your business is registered as a sole proprietorship, this number may be your social security number. For more information, call 801-297-2200. Please do this before applying to the city for a license.

A commercial business is located at a commercial location.  Some zoning designations require a commercial conditional use permit.