Every person who operates, conducts, carries on, or manages the business of soliciting or peddling shall first secure a license from the City.  The license fee is $84 and is good for the season. A $250 bond payable to the city is required with the application.
The City shall issue each registered solicitor or peddler an identification that shall be worn prominently on his or her person while soliciting or peddling in the City.  The identification badge shall bear the name of the City and shall contain:
  1. The name of the registered solicitor/peddler;
  2. Address and phone number of the registered solicitor, or the name, address, and phone number of the responsible person or entity;
  3. A recent photograph of the registered solicitor; and
  4. The date on which the license expires.
A BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigations) background check is required to process the Solicitors' License Application.
Solicitors' License Applications