"A City Achieving Community Excellence" -City administrators recognized the long history of municipal service in Grantsville City Corporation when this mission statement was adopted. This mission is achieved through the application of our Core Values:
Applied Wisdom- We believe that our individual and collective life experiences have given us the tools to make good judgments in addressing the issues we face. We commit to be lifelong learners.

Excellence- We will perform our duties with distinction and to the best of our ability. We will strive to improve our abilities to be innovative and set a standard for others.
Accountability- We commit to trustworthy, dependable public service, and are empowered to take individual and collective ownership to achieve our service goals.
Stewardship- We commit to the efficient and effective use of the resources we are provided. We will leave it better than we found it.
Principled Relationships- We strive to develop, strengthen and honor caring relationships in such a way to challenge ourselves and others to be their best selves. We will practice the Golden Rule.
Integrity- We act honestly and honorable to all people. We commit to doing the highest moral action.
Respect- We respect all individuals regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality, and value diversity in our community.
Enrich- We strive to enhance the quality or improve the lives of those who work, live, and help our community.
As Grantsville City Corporation employees, we each share responsibility for striving to achieve personal and organizational excellence as we implement goals and programs to give guidelines to enable employees to meet these high ideals and expectations. You are a valued member of the team which delivers the services our citizens need and deserve. We welcome you to Grantsville City Corporation.