Do you want to have your traffic citation dismissed?

     - Your case may be eligible to resolve through Deferred Traffic Prosecution.

What is Deferred Traffic Prosecution?
     - It's an opportunity to have your traffic citation dismissed from your driving record
     - You can apply online by answering questions in a guided interview
     - You'll pay a total fine and an administrative fee (the total fine is the same as it would be if you appeared in court)
     - You'll enter a plea and agree to not get a traffic conviction in a 12-month period
     - The process is completely voluntary
     - You can choose not to participate in Deferred Traffic Prosecution and instead go through the normal processes. That would involve either paying a fine or going to court on your court date to challenge the ticket

What do you have to do?
​     1.  Login or create a MyCase account to determine your eligibility​
     2.  Plead "no contest" to all offenses on the eligible citation ("no contest" means you don't want to contest — or challenge — the citation)​
     3.  Pay an administration fee and a total fine for the offenses on the eligible citation in full today or within two weeks of your application
     4.  Have no new traffic convictions in the 12-month period following your application

  Successful Completion:   Unsuccessful completion:
  • Your "No Contest" plea is automatically withdrawn at the end of the 12-month period
  • Your case will be dismissed
  • The administration fee and fine are non-refundable
  • Received a new traffic offense during the 12-month period
  • "No Contest" plea will be AUTOMATICALLY entered as a conviction on your driving record and you will NOT have an opportunity to appear in court
  • Your case will be closed without any further court-imposed consequence
  • The administration fee and fine are non-refundable

Are you eligible?
     - You need an eligible traffic citation received within the last 21 days
                - You can log into MyCase to find out if your traffic citation is eligible
     - You need to be 21 or older
     - You need to have a valid Utah driver's license (commercial licenses aren't eligible)
     - You can't have any felony traffic violations, traffic violation, or traffic violation convictions within the last 24 months
     - You can't already be participating in Deferred Traffic Prosecution