How can I make a police report or talk with an officer?
  • In case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.  To have an officer respond to a non-emergency call Tooele County Dispatch at 435-882-5600 or the Police Department at 435-884-6881.  You can also fill out a witness statement and an officer will get in  contact with you. 
How can I get a copy of a police report?
  • Police reports can be obtained in person, by email, or by fax through the Records Department at 50 N Bowery St, Grantsville. A GRAMA Request Form must be completed and a copy of your current ID must be provided along with any applicable fees.  Typically reports can be obtained at the time of the request but circumstances such as the number of reports needed, or request for specific information not releasable by the records clerks is subject to a 10-day waiting period.
  • For more information, please visit our Records section. 
When do you offer fingerprint card services and how much do they cost?
  • Fingerprints are done Monday - Friday from 2pm to 4 pm.  Cost is $10 per card, and a photo ID is required. 
How do I get my property back from the Police Department?
Is it okay to shoot a pellet, BB gun or a bow and arrow in my backyard?
  • Any device designed to propel projectiles at a high rate of speed cannot be shot in Grantsville City limits.
  • For more information, see the Grantsville City code on Firearms and Bow and Arrows.
Why is investigating my criminal complaint taking so long?
  • If you have questions or concerns on an existing case, please call the police department at 435-884-6881 and speak with the detective assigned to your case.
What do I do if I believe I am a victim of identity fraud?
  1. Monitor your accounts regularly.  If something doesn't look right contact our financial institution and inquire about it. 
  2. If the transaction is fraudulent, contact dispatch at 435-882-5600 or the police department at 435-884-6881 to file a report with an officer.
  3. Maintain all records to assist the detective in your investigation. 
  4. Complete a fraudulent activity report on the Utah Attorney Generals Website at
  5. Contact the credit bureau to do a fraud alert. 
What do I do if I suspect drug or gang activity in my neighborhood?
  • The Grantsville City Police Department is a participating member of the Tooele County Major Crimes Task Force. If you have information regarding drug or gang activity you can call the Task Force tip line at 435-579-3777 or email a tip to  You can also contact dispatch and speak with an on duty officer who will forward the information to a Task Force detective.  Obtaining as much information as possible is very beneficial i.e. address, vehicle description, license plate, suspect description.  
What do I do if I have additional information regarding my case that has been assigned to a detective?
  • Call the Grantsville City Police Department at 435-884-6881 and speak with the detective assigned to the case. 
What is the fee to get my animal out of impound at the shelter?