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Thank you for helping us maintain fire flow while we made repairs to our pumps. The efforts have made a difference. At this time all restrictions have been lifted. Thank you again for your patience and cooperation.

Is the water safe? Do I need to boil my water?

Yes, there are no changes to the quality of the water and you do not need to boil it.

Why is there a shortage of water? 

Grantsville City had a pump go down which has caused a drop in the tank levels. These tanks provide the pressure and fire flow necessary for our residents. Summer heat increases the use because of outdoor use. The repairs have been completed.

How will the City stop this from happening again?

Though the City cannot make promises regarding unforeseen failures, a new well is in the process and will be operational next summer. In addition, booster upgrades and redundant external power sources will help ensure Grantsville City's self-resilience for our residents. 

Can I water with  irrigation water?

Yes, the request to stop outdoor use is for culinary city water.

When can I use water for outside use again?

Web link:

Restrictions have been lifted. The City will inform the residents through emails, Facebook and our webpage. If you have more questions please email and we will contact you.