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Things to Do:
City Events
Whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling, there is something fun to do in Grantsville all year. Click on a season above to learn more about city events and join the fun.
Click here for more information about our Summer of Fun 2024.
Summer of Fun 2024
Start preparing for our Hometown 4th of July now. With two weeks of celebrations, it is always epic!
Click here for more information about our 4th of July celebrations.
2024 4th of July Flyer
The Amazing Grantsville Race (Scavenger Hunt):
The Amazing Grantsville Race

Grab your family or grab some friends and get ready to explore Grantsville! Last year, we explored the history of Grantsville. This year we are going to explore the culture and traditions of Grantsville.
Participate in fun Grantsville challenges and take a selfie of yourself completing the challenges.
Here are all of the challenges you need to do:
1. "Check out" the Grantsville City Library and ask at least one of the employees at the library what their favorite book is.
2. Go to at least one community event and say "hello" to someone you don't know.
3. Find a historical landmark in Grantsville and make a goal of how you're going to make history.
4. Do an act of service and make someone happy.
5. Go wild--experience some of the awesome nature in the Grantsville area. Take a picture of something beautiful or cool.
6. Find a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or any other first responder, take a selfie with them, and thank them for the work that they do. Did you know that you can schedule tours at our local police department and fire department?
7. Go back in time by visiting one of the museums in our area.
You can do this hunt at your leisure but all entries must be submitted by August 24th.
Once you have completed all of the challenges, email your selfies along with your name and phone number to Everyone who completes The Amazing Grantsville Race can pick up a prize from the library and will be entered in a drawing for some great prizes.

Things to Do in Grantsville

DESERET PEAK COMPLEX: (External link).
Grantsville City's 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION
CLARK HISTORIC FARM:    (External link).
Grantsville Reservoir: Come fish or camp at the Grantsville Reservoir. (External link).
Donner Reed Museum: (External link).
Grantsville DUP Museum: (External link).

Outside of Grantsville
Check out the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism website for a look at the many adventures you can have in Grantsville and Tooele County:  
ATV TRAILS & HIKING TRAILS: (External link).
PONY EXPRESS TRAIL: (External link).