SPRING RUN-OFF   Spring is just around the corner, which means potential flooding. If you are concerned about flooding or are in an area that has flooded in the past, sandbags and shovels are available on the North side of the Public Works yard located at 336 W Main (by the cemetery). We have a new tool that will allow up to 5 sandbags to be filled at the same time. Sandbags and sand are also available at the entrance to the rodeo grounds on Clark Street. Bring your own shovels to the rodeo location. Our crews help protect Grantsville City government buildings with sandbags and we also provide self serve sandbags to the public when needed - first come first serve. We like the snow! Flooding? Not so much. 

Grantsville City operates on a fiscal year budget which runs from July 1st to June 3oth.  The budget process starts in February when the department directors prepare budget requests and present them in a budget planning session. The budget team prioritizes requests and drafts a tentative budget that is presented to the Council in May.  In June the final budget is adopted.

For more information on the tentative budget view our digital budget book.

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Grantsville City Basic Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report

(For Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2020)

Audit Reports and Budgets
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