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Grantsville Historic Preservation Commission 
               Historic Preservation Committee
Grantsville City takes great pride in its culture and history. The Grantsville's Historic Preservation Commission was formed to assist all residents with information on how to preserve and/or register their historic property, and to support them in applying for federal grants to help with that effort. The commission has published a book "Grantsville's Historic Treasures"; that provides a quick reference to some of the  historic attractions in town. Every household can obtain one for free at City Hall.
To contact the commission please email
Commission Members:
1. Byron Anderson - Committee Member 
2. Dee Mair - Committee Member 
3. Alta Calcagno - Committee Chair 
4. Patrick Hearty - Committee Member 
5. Clint Thomsen - Committee Secretary 
6. Scott Bevan - City Council Member 

For more information on Grantsville's Historic Preservation Committee,  please see their Facebook page at