378 W Clark Street, Grantsville, Utah84029
D.U.P brochureThe Grantsville D.U.P (Daughters of Utah Pioneers) Museum is located at 378 W. Clark Street in the basement of the J. Reuben Clark farmhouse, across from the cemetery.

If you are interested in joining the Grantsville D.U.P. camp, please call 435-884-0253.

These are just a few of the treasures located inside the museum.
(If you have historic Grantsville items you would like preserved, you may donate them to the D.U.P. museum.  Please call 435-884-0253 for additional questions.)
old movie projector    IMG_4194  IMG_4192  IMG_4195   Hilda's dresses   IMG_4198

top hat   IMG_4202   IMG_4204   IMG_4208   Letter from the Red Cross

IMG_4212   IMG_4213